Solving problems in the
Wildland-Urban Interface

Joseph W. Mitchell, Ph.D.
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WEEDS info

WEEDS installation near Sacramento

This is an owner-built system in Northern California.

The video links show WEEDS operation under windy conditions.

Photos and videos used with permission.


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WILDFIRE Magazine Article

wildfireBrand Dilution (Cover article); Wildfire Magazine; Mar. 2005

by Joseph W. Mitchell

Here are some references behind the article
WEEDS: Firebrand Defense for the “Typical Catastrophe”

The ideas underlying the WEEDS concept, the proposition that firebrands are responsible for a preponderance of home ignitions, and other concepts put forward in this article come from a number of sources. For those interested in further research, here they are.

Backyards and Beyond, 2013

The effectiveness of water spray technologies for wildfire protection was discussed at Backyards and Beyond, 2013, in Salt Lake City.

WEEDS Featured on 10News San Diego

Ramona Man's Invention May Protect Homes From Wildfires
Physicist Joseph Mitchell Developed WEEDS System

10-news11:59 PM, Sep 22, 2009

A Ramona physicist may have invented the last line of defense against wildfires, 10News reported.

Even after clearing brush from his home, Joseph Mitchell, Ph.D. said he did not feel safe if a fire were to happen.

Designing a WEEDS System

What’s New?

Over the past year or so, several new water spray systems that are based on the WEEDS wildfire protection system have come online – two in California and one in Montana. A number of common questions and problems came out of these installations, and I’d like to take this opportunity to present the lessons learned.

Where are the plans for WEEDS?