Power Lines and Wildland Fire

Proposed decisions were issued in August. Comments and reply comments opposing the shut-off plan were filed on behalf of MGRA. The cost/benefit analysis initially proposed by M-bar Technologies and Consulting, LLC and other issues raised in our filings were cited as a key reasons for the Commission denial of the SDG&E shut-off plan.

SOURCE:  UNION-TRIBUNE:  http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2009/may/10/puc-should-deny-plan-outright/?uniontrib

By:  Diane Conklin and Joseph Mitchell, May 10, 2009

The shut-off plan is widely disliked — not because it can’t work but because it works for SDG&E instead of for its customers.

“Power Lines and Catastrophic Wildland Fire in Southern California” Presentation to the Fire & Materials 2009 Conference, San Francisco CA, Jan 26, 2009


PowerPoint Presentation

Filed with the CPUC in response to SDG&E’s 2008 application A.08-12-021 to turn off power under Santa Ana conditions, filed 3/27/2009 on behalf of MGRA. Turning off the power increases other types of risk – including fire risk. Benefits of turning off the power during high-wind conditions have to be weighed against costs & risks, which should result in an optimal shut-off threshold.