WEEDS info

WEEDS info

New WEEDS Installation in Descanso, CA

April, 2011

WEEDS Featured on 10News San Diego

Ramona Man's Invention May Protect Homes From Wildfires Physicist Joseph Mitchell Developed WEEDS System 11:59 PM, Sep 22, 2009 A Ramona physicist may have invented the last line of defense against wildfires, 10News reported.Even after clearing...

Wildland Fire

Wildland Fire

California Office of the State Fire Marshal Task Force on Wildfire Protection Building Construction

Assisted the State Fire Marshal’s Office in establishing a framework for testing ignition-resistant construction proposed for the 2010 update to the California Building Code, Chapter 7A.  Final draft 5/21/2009. Chapter 7A Task Force Recommendations ...

Wildland Fire Still an Unsolved Problem

SOURCE:  RAMONA SENTINEL Michael Scott-Blair’s two articles in the July 9th Sentinel on retired Chief Steve Butler’s efforts to raise fire awareness and on his fire equipment company raise a number of important issues that people living in the San Diego...

The County's 'Shelter-in-Place' Gamble

SOURCE:  UNION TRIBUNE:  By Joseph W. Mitchell May 2, 2007 Twenty years before the Cedar fire roared through San Diego County, Australia was devastated by the Ash Wednesday fires, which destroyed 2,463 homes and killed 76 people. In the aftermath of...

Power Lines and Wildland Fire

Power Lines and Wildland Fire

The Proposed Utility "Wildfire Expense Balancing Account

In 2009, California electrical utilities PG&E, SCE and SDG&E proposed creating a formal mechanism through which they could recover liability losses from wildland fires from ratepayers regardless of whether or not they were responsible for starting...

Power Line Failures and Catastrophic Wildfires Under Extreme Weather Conditions

Presentation to the International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis (ICEFA12), The Hague, Netherlands, July 1-4, 2012 PowerPoint PresentationVIEW POWERPOINT PRESENTATION

MGRA Testimony to the California Public Utilities Commission on San Diego Gas & Electric's Proposed "Sunrise Powerlink" Transmission Line

  The analysis for MGRA continues, with powerline contributions from the October 2007 fires, an anomalously high number of power line fires in San Diego County, implications of another 230 kV fire in 2007, and some inconsistent SDG&E wind...